Grinton and Redmire Banks – virtual climbing video now ready for download.

Image from cycling video Swaledale

It was a grim day when I set off to capture this route, but the truth is the Sun doesn't shine every day in Swaledale.
This was planned to be a typical "over and back" North Yorkshire hill climb session.

The targets for this workout being Greets Moss, following the Tour de France route climbing out of Swaledale and onto Grinton Moor, but our route takes the right turn that the Tour avoided for a much tougher workout. Strava lists the official Greets Moss (2.7 mile at 7%)but this includes the flat top - you'll be climbing the steep section (1.4 mile at 10%) as a 15 minute threshold interval. If you're feeling strong keep pushing over the top for a 20 minute interval.
A gusty descent to Redmire in Wensleydale, then a sharp "U turn" and straight back up over Redmire Bank. The Strava section for this climb is Alp d'Hurtz 2 (2.3 miles at 8%) and you'll climb as an 18 min threshold interval. (Again keep pushing over the top to give an optional 20 minute interval.
With both climbs out of the way and 30-40 minutes of Threshold work under your belt you can relax and enjoy the cruise back into Grinton and coffee and cake at the Dales bike centre, or a recovery pint in the Bridge Inn.
PS: if it's early in the year, this makes a great 2*20 Sweetspot hill climbing session too.

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