Wass & White Horse Banks – Climbing Circuit

Wass & White Horse Banks – Climbing Circuit

Wass and White Horse Bank power profile courtesy of TrainerRaod

Wass and White Horse Banks

Classic North Yorkshire Moors Climbing Indoor Bike Training Video download. This 57 min workout takes in two great climbs.
Wass bank is White Hoses bank's lesser known partner, it's not as steep, but many locals think it's harder. Either way, you're going to be working at threshold and pushing hard.

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Wass & White Horse Banks - Training Video

A classic 1 hour cycling training video taking in two great climbs.


This is tough 56 minute circuit on the typical rough roads through the beautiful scenery of the North Yorkshire Moors and is perfect for a short evening hill climb session.

3d route profile Wass and White Horse Banks
Starting in the village of High Kilburn, you’ll ride an undulating 15 minute warm up around the quiet lanes through Coxwold, and pass the gothic beauty of the ruins of 12th century Byland Abbey. Make sure you warm those legs up well because both of today’s climbs are tough!

As you complete the warm up it’s into Wass and onto the hidden gem of a climb that is Wass bank. Climbing through the trees Wass bank averages 8% over its 0.9 mile length with a maximum gradient of 16%. You’ll be tackling this as an 8 min threshold interval.

You can take a well-earned breather when you turnaround at the top, descend Wass bank and take a rough minor road to the second and toughest climb of the day, White Horse bank.

White Horse bank is both loved and feared by locals, climbing 572 feet over its 1 mile length in average 10% but contains multiple steep ramps at 20-25% - you’ll be cranking this out at or above threshold and will be delighted when the glider station at the top eventually comes into sight.

Descending White horse will take you back into High Kilburn where you can enjoy a recovery snack at T café, home of the world famous Mouseman furniture. But, if you’re looking for something stronger check out the local pub – the Forrester’s Arms.