The Quirang and Bealach na Ba

The Quirang and Bealach na Ba

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If you haven’t got any longer climbs close to home then this video is perfect training for perfecting your technique and building the muscular stamina required for extended climbs.

Bealach na Bà is over 9km in length and in this video it’ll take 36 minutes to climb meaning it’s a solid Sweet Spot session, or a challenging Threshold/FTP set.

The Quirang and Bealach na Bà Training Video

Bealach na Bà is reputed to be one of the very best climbs in the UK, remote and difficult to get to for most it has developed an almost mythical image in UK cycling. This training video will have you scale the full 626m over 9.1 km. Don't be fooled by the relatively mild average gradeint of 7%. because there are significant stretches at 15-20% in the second half and your legs will be screaming while your eyes soak up the views on this stunning climb.


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Skye's Quirang climb

You're going to need a good warm up to get the best out of this 36 minute sustained climb so you'll be warming up on another one of Scoltand's great climbs. You'll tackle Skye's Quirang climb as a 15 minute stepped warm up. The Quirang might not be as hard as the mighty Bealach na Bà but it's equally stunning.


The Quirang Training Video, Skye

TrainerRoad User?

This video is fully integrated with TrainerRoad too. Below you can see the TrainerRoad threshold level workout profile showing the 15 minute stepped warm up on Skye's Quirang climb, followed by the full 35 minute beautiful cycling climb that is Bealach na Ba

Power Profile for Bealach na Ba - TrainerRoad

As you can see, if you're working on sustained climbing for a big sportive or event, or simply to get stronger then this video is going to be perfect.




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