Sa Calobra, Majorca

Sa Calobra, Majorca

images of the hairpin bends of Sa Calobra

This Video of Sa Calobra in Majorca, is a tough increasing intensity threshold climb. Starting at a solid Sweet Spot effort, you’ll pace yourself up the first half of the climb, then begin to build through threshold, pulling out all the stops with a full VO2 Max “Hilltop Finish” effort for the last km. This video workout specifically designed to increase your pacing and speed on long alpine style climbs.

Sa Calobra (Col de Cal Reis), Majorca Training Video

Quite possibly the best cycling climb in the world, why the heck anyone would put so much effort into building a road down to such a small village may well be a mystery, but whatever the reason for its existence this legendary climb has become a mecca for cyclists across Europe, if not the World. The chances are if you’re heading to Majorca cycling then this superb climb is on your list.

In this hour video training session, you’ll climb Sa Calobra from the harbour, it’s a beautiful climb but as the extended climbing effort starts to tell, you might find you’re focussing on pushing on to the summit rather than the view.

TrainerRoad power profile

Power Profile from TrainerRoad

This training video is perfect preparation for those longer climbs that few of us have close to hand. You’ll be climbing for around 50 minutes, the gradient varies from time to time but the changes aren’t huge so you’ll be using this as an increasing intensity set, starting with 5 min ramp to get your legs warmed up then into an extended sweet spot effort building through threshold and a VO2 Max push for the summit. Make no mistake, this is a tough session, but stick with it and you’ll see your ability to climb those extended Alpine climbs soar! We want you to improve so our sessions are tough, but we’re not total monsters so you can warm down spinning your legs on the descent back to the “Orange Seller” booth for some recovery.