Greets Moss and Redmire Bank

Greets Moss and Redmire Bank

Image from cycling video Swaledale

No messing around with this one, a short 5 minute warm up and you're on to the first of two testing Yorkshire Dales Climbs. Essentially a classic Dales up and over from Swaledale to Wensleydale and back – you'll climb Greets Moss and Redmire Bank – two 20 minute threshold climbs.

Is ANYTHING more boring than a steady state 2*20min threshold climb?

All cycling coaches will include this session in their training plans, but jeez is it boring! This video is designed to really tie your training into why your actually doing it.

We've all heard that Winter Miles = Summer Smiles, but hey, let's face it, riding up 15% Dales climbs in winter rain is a grim experience. This video will bring you all the FTP improvement without the wet arse, dripping nose and ice block feet. Your friends may laugh while you stay dry, but hey, they won't be laughing as you put the hurt on and disappear over the horizon come Summer – Are you ready?

Greets Moss and Redmire Bank - 2*20min Threshold(FTP) Training Video

Steady state 20 minute climbing intervals at its best riding two gruelling Yorkshire Dales Climbs.

power profile from TrainerRoad for Greets Moss & Redmire Banks Training Video

Power profile from TrainerRoad for Greets Moss & Redmire Climbs Bike Training Video

You might recognise Grinton Bank as the Tour de France went over here in 2014 - but they avoided the sustained climbing of our route and headed over to Leyburn. We'll be taking the right turn a third of the way up, and heading over the bruising ramps of Greets Moss.

This route was filmed on a grim Yorkshire day, with wet roads, driving rain and a strong headwind on the first climb.

Once you've topped out on Greets Moss, you can enjoy a sky level traverse of the watershed before swooping into Redmire, Wensleydale. No time to rest on your laurels though because you'll be taking a quick U turn and heading straight back the way you came testing those legs again on Redmire Bank. This is a sustained climb with an average gradient of 8% over nearly two miles, it's a perfect threshold training climb.

"D climb profile for Greets Moss and Redmire banks

Over the top and a rapid descent back to Swaledale for a well earned coffee at the Dales Bike Centre.

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