Grimpeur Team Wind Jacket

Grimpeur Team Wind Jacket

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Grimpeur Team Wind Jacket


Technical Specifications:


The Grimpeur Wind jackets are made from a highly functional windproof and water-resistant material. They offer optimal protection from steady head-winds and varying weather conditions.
The jackets exhibit an exceptionally minimal mass, where their light weight allows them to be easily packed into your jersey back pocket.
The interior of the collar is made with a soft and comfortable material, and sleeves are fitted with an elastic band to improve stream-line. A small zippered pocket is found on lower back right to keep valuables, and there is also a mesh pocket sewn inside in which the jacket can be folded up and stored in.



  • windproof
  • water-resistant
  • breathable
  • comfortable fit
  • soft and limber feel
  • minimal mass
  • extremely light, yet durable


Besides fabric, our seam work is the next most important component in creating quality sports apparel. Our products are sewn with a specially-developed, German-engineered thread that meets the highest demands of the sporting industry. An advanced ‘4 thread-overlock’ machine stitch is used to ensure superior strength and stability.