Great Dun Fell – Training Video

Great Dun Fell – Training Video

Sunset on Great Dun Fell

Great Dun Fell

The greatest climb in Britain? That’s some claim!

We have some great climbing in the UK, but Great Dun Fell stands out as simply unique. Bealach Na Ba over to Applecross runs it close, but for myself and many others the ride up to the “Golf Ball” radar station on Great Dun Fell is a must do, again and again and again.

Where else in England would you find a 7.4k climb averaging 8% with ramps up to 20+% on perfect tarmac and no traffic? This is as good as it gets!

Drop us a line if you want love climbs and want to climb this – the price? It's free, you just have to love climbing 😉

Great Dun Fell - Training Video

The Great Dun Fell turbo workout is fully integrated with TrainerRoad too. Check out the power profile for the session below, and make no mistake this is a tough climbing workout. Great Dun Fell is 11/10 in Simon Warren's Classic 100 Climbs series and is quite possible the greatest climb in Britain -so you'd expect it to be tough.

Following a 15 minute warm up you'll be straight into a 37 minute threshold climb. Climbing around 2000' over 7.4km with an average gradient of 8% you might think you're heading to the Alps. Once you start climbing though, you'll find that the gradient varies and it's much more like a Pyrenean climb - but with ramps over 20% it's much steeper.



TrainerRoad power profile for the Great Dun Fell training video. Join our TR team today.

This really is one of the very best climbing workouts in the UK and as the end approaches you'll be praying for the Radar Station to come into view.


This is your Ventoux, your hill top finish, will you crack? Or are you ready? It's time to find out!

Great Dun Fell Redar Station image

You're going to be praying for this view...