For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q. Why are all the services free?
A. We are just a community of cyclists who just love being in the hills and spreading the word.Q. What format are the videos?
A. All current videos are available as HD mp4 downloads
Q. What player do you recommend?
A. Personally, I prefer VLC player. Make sure you have the latest free version. You can download it here: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.en_GB.html
A. These are HD files so the file size is generally several GB so will take a while to download. We use a dedicated supplier and work with FastSpring and Amazon S3 to ensure you get the best most stable download service.
Q. How will I receive my video?
A. Once you complete your order you will immediately be sent an email with a secure download link to the videos/products you have purchased. This will allow a number of downloads (in case of issues) but your IP address will be monitored and link disabled if too many IPs/attempts are made. If you have any issues though, we’ll get is sorted immediately – we want you to be riding as soon as possible 😉
Q. OK, I understand you don’t want videos shared etc. but can I use the videos with friends?
A. The videos are sold with a single user licence so should not be shared/copied to friends or used in a commercial group setting (separate agreement for this). Still, if you want to run video with a friend in your PainCave I’m not going to object.
Having said that, we’re a very small business.  So, if your friend enjoys the video then please encourage them to buy their own copy so that we can continue to invest in making more videos for you to enjoy.